Flying begins with

This autumn marks the start of a new era for us here, in Lugano. We have partnered up with Adria Airways, an established airline from Slovenia and now fly under Adria Airways Switzerland name.

That being said, we are proud to say from now on we’ll be able to offer you more routes and connections. You’ll be able to travel more swiftly and conveniently to a number of desired destinations, especially to Balkan region.

Namely with Adria you can travel via Zurich to Ljubljana. From Ljubljana, where the flight connection times are less than an hour, you can go to:

Fly with Adria Airways

  • South to Sarajevo, Podgorica, Skopje, Tirana and Pristina;
  • North to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Copenhagen;
  • West to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris;         
  • East to Moscow, Warsaw and Prague.


NEW: from 29th October you’ll be able to travel to Kiev – a destination increasingly sought after by passengers across Europe, also the host of the UEFA Champions League 2018 final.

Adria Airways (, the Slovenian flag carrier, has a history of more than 56 years in charter and scheduled services. It connects Slovenia to numerous European cities, among them Zurich, and offers excellent connections to Central and SE Europe. As a Star Alliance member, it provides access to a global network of flights to 190 countries.